About Us

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Who we are

Legacy International Education and Migration Group specializes in providing specialized assistance to students seeking to study abroad. As a company owned by Kenyan professionals, our utmost commitment lies in delivering personalized services to ensure the success of our students. At Legacy International, we offer a comprehensive array of services meticulously designed to support individuals throughout their study abroad journey.

Our range of services encompasses professional course and career counseling, meticulous assistance with university enrollment and applications, thorough preparation for English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, dedicated support for visa applications, comprehensive pre-departure briefings, and meticulous aid with overseas accommodation bookings.

Our team of student counselors is fully dedicated to providing unwavering personalized guidance at every step of the process. We prioritize the provision of high-quality services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. With our wealth of expertise and extensive network of international institutions, we are committed to fostering the success of our students in their education abroad.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Guidance

Our team provides tailored guidance based on your unique needs and aspirations.

Extensive Experience and Expertise

We have years of experience in the education and migration industry, specializing in assisting students studying abroad, particularly in Australia.

Wide Range of Services

We offer comprehensive services, including counseling, application assistance, test preparation, visa support, pre-departure briefings, and accommodation bookings.

Strong University Partnerships

We have established strong relationships with universities in Australia, providing you with diverse study options.

Our Testimonials

Student’s Testimonial

Legacy International has been instrumental in my journey to study in Australia. With their guidance, I found the perfect university and secured admission. Their support in English language test preparation boosted my confidence. Thanks to Legacy International, I'm now pursuing my education in Australia with ease. Highly recommended!

John Naaro


Thanks to Legacy International, my dream of studying in Australia became a reality. They facilitated the visa application process seamlessly, ensuring all my documents were in order. Their expertise and support were invaluable. I'm grateful for their assistance in making my study abroad dreams come true

Sarah Kolel


Legacy International's pre-departure briefings were incredibly helpful in preparing me for my journey to study in Australia. They provided essential information about living and studying in a foreign country, making the transition smoother. Their guidance and support were outstanding. I'm now settled in Australia, ready to embrace my educational journey, all thanks to Legacy International

Mark Kiptoo


I'm grateful to Legacy International for their assistance in finding accommodation in Australia. They understood my preferences and budget, and provided suitable options. Their attention to detail and prompt communication made the process hassle-free. I'm now comfortably settled in Australia, thanks to Legacy International's unwavering support

Mary Kanini


Legacy International played a crucial role in helping me study in Australia. From career counseling to university applications, their support was exceptional. Their expertise in English language test preparation significantly improved my chances of admission. I highly recommend their services to anyone considering studying in Australia

Grace Waithira